LK Gravity Actuator

Our LK Gravity actuator is specifically designed for use in motion cockpits.

Made entirely of high resistance steel and aluminium with high quality anodized finishes, it guarantees perfect and seamless operation at a maximum performance and extreme loads.

With a mechanical capacity to more than 200 kg of weight at 250 mm/s speed, and combined with our own COSMOS software, you will have a total control of your actuators. Including as well dynamic control of cockpit weights.

Gravity is designed and manufactured entirely in Spain by Logykal. All our systems come with a standard emergency stop button and necessary anchors for your motion cockpit approved by LK.

What does the Gravity System include?

  • LK Gravity actuators (100/150mm/200mm)
  • Motion Box Gravity 2/3/4dof
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Anchors to your cockpit 40mm
  • COSMOS Software
  • Nuts & Bolts Kit

** If you need a special length measurement please contact us.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
System type

2dof, 3dof, 4dof

Kgf (Power)

200 Kgf

Speed Movement


Actuators Length

100mm, 150mm, 200mm

Gravity Actuator Dimensions


Actuator weight

4.6 kg

Load capacity


Items Supplied

1 – Motion Box Gravity 2DOF / 3DOF / 4DOF, 1 – COSMOS 2.0 Motion Software License, 1 – Emergency Switch, 1 – EU Cable (IEC-60320-C19 to Schuko CEE 7/7), 1 – USB A/B Cable, 2 to 4 – Anchors to structure according to type of system

Power W


Communication with Actuator

RS485 Serial Port

Protection degree


Motion Gravity Dimensions


Power input

AC 220v* 10A 50/60hz
* For countries outside the EU where your network is different from 220v, a transformer will be required.

Supported Effects

Speed, Acceleration, Lenght, Max G’s, Deviation G´s, Acceleration G’s, Braking G’s, Laterals G’s, Verticals G’s, Pitch G’s, Roll G’s, Yaw G’s, Softness

Simulators supported


[iRacing] iRacing
[Kunos simulazione] Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione
[WMD] pCars, pCars2
[ISI] RFactor 1, RFactor 2
[Reiza Studios] Game Stock Car, Automobilista
[SimBin] GTR, GTR2, GT Legends, Race, Race07 + Expansion Pack, RaceRoom
[Codemasters] F1 Series, Dirt Series, GRID Series
[Ubisoft] The Crew
[Piboso] Kart Racing Pro
[LFS] Life for Speed
[SCSI] Richards Burns Rally
[SCS Software] EuroTruck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator


[Laminar Research] XPlane series
[Microsoft] Flight Simulator Series
[Lockhedd Martin] Prepar 3D
[Disgital Combat Simulator] DCS World
[Benchmark Sims, Billion Soft, Microprose] Falcon 4 BMS
[1C Company] IL2 Cliff of Dover

* Our software is under continuous development; if your simulation software is not in the above list, keep visiting our support forums to check if it will be supported in the next Lince release.


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